Chicken with Roasted Grape Soup


Mirepoix: red onion, celery, carrot. Chicken breast, roasted grape (with a dash of white balsamic vinegar), red bell pepper, sauteed crimini shroom, zucchini, herbs de provence, sugar, garlic, red pepper flake, flour.

AKA Coq au Raisin. Got a hankering to make coq au vin, but considering our clientele, it’s best to stay away from booze, even if it mostly boils out. So roasted grapes did a fine stand in. No wrath here.

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Teriyaki Pâté Soup

Mirepoix: red onion, red bell pepper, celery. Pork pistachio pâté, pâté au poivre noir, pork liver mouse, roasted yellow squash, roasted portobello shroom, broccoli, chopped walnuts, teriyaki marinade, Taiwanese pot bottom hot sauce, ginger, sugar, rice wine vinegar, lemon/ginger burst juice.

Another oddball cross-border offering, with a special guest star from Formosa. Had to search quite a while to figure out what it was:

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Bloody Sausage Ravioli Soup

Mirepoix: yellow and red onion, celery, orange pepper, rainbow carrot, fennel. Sausage, pear gorgonzola ravioli, squash ravioli, beets, zucchini, yellow squash, onion, Anaheim pepper, jalapeno, harissa, yellow bell pepper, tomato sauce, tomato paste, sugar, salt, parsley, fresh basil, fresh oregano, paprika, turmeric, fresh ginger, truffle oil.

Beautifully hued brew from my Wednesday partner Martin.

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Hamshroom Soup

Mirepoix: yellow and red onion, celery, orange bell pepper, rainbow carrot, fennel. Ham, roasted portobello shroom, crimini shroom, sour cream, worcestershire sauce, dill, tarragon, flour, ghee, garlic, parsley.

Was shooting for ham stroganoff, but had to abort when at the last moment I noticed that the yogurt I was going to add was vanilla yogurt. Maybe another day I would have gone with it, but it just sounded wrong. But it all turned out good in the end.

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Camembert Seafood Chowder


Mirepoix: yellow onion, celery, carrot, chive. Clams with juice, shrimp with juice, potato, camembert cheese, orange and green bell pepper, cauliflower, egg yolks, ghee, butter, fish sauce, milk, whipping cream, fresh basil, tarragon, dill, cinnamon, garlic.

So now I know that “liaison” is the official word that means adding starch or egg yolks to thicken soup. So today I liaised with yolks–creamy thickness.